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This podcast concepts comes out of a place of curiosity. I want to explore the idea of women’s role in classical written horror. 

Why this podcast now?

Horror as a genre is meant to explore the things that we fear most in the world. Where do women and women’s fears rank among those tales? Who are the women who imagine these tales and commit them to our memories?

I grew up in one of the first generations of true women’s empowerment. Yet women are still underpaid and underrepresented, killed more and brutalized more than men. This is the perfect time to explore the horrors of women and how female horror writers can take ownership over these narratives.

A recent Edison Research survey found that throughout the second quarter in 2020, weekly podcast listeners on average consumed up to 6 hours and 45 minutes of podcast content per week. That’s about a half hour increase over the previous quarter. Edison Research also reports podcasts now reach nearly 100 million Americans every month. Podcast listening is growing and not slowing down. 

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